This online website brings you the Best Bushcraft Axe for all kinds of occasions and uses. You can utilize these axes for chopping wood, felling trees, clearing bushes and much more. To satisfy your want, the Husqvarna Wooden Carpenter's Axe is one of the tools that will best-suit purpose. These wooden carpenters' axe has an inbuilt thin blade. The thin blade features provide stability and control. Hence brings for much efficient work and meet carpenter's needs. Hultafors make this equipment. However, Hults Bruk, a reputable Swedish hatchet and axe manufacturer has the ownership to produce this 19-inch carpenter's axe since some decades ago.

best bushcraft hatchet

Since Hults Bruk is one of the best and reputable axes and hatchet manufacturers in Sweden, this company has the best and remarkable production in terms of axe to its list. The 19 incher Husqvarna is of no exception when it comes to quality. This axe has a very smooth handle to give maximum strength to the head and results in efficient work. The alignment of the head and the handle perfectly compliment each other. The head of the 19-incher carpenter's axe is build using high carbon axe steel weighing 1.87 pounds. The lightweight axe requires only a single hand and promises to finish your work within a short time. It requires no much energy to bring efficient work making it Best Bushcraft Axe.

The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is one Best Bushcraft Axe for perfect cutting and splitting. This Forest axe is also capable of turning into a tool and requires both hands to finish the cores. The Small Forest Axe can meet your double duty of a hatchet and axe. If you want a tool that will carry for many purposes then you can opt for the best equipment the Gransfors Bruks Forest Axe. This is a chopping tool and has dual purposes especially good to pick up the task where bushcraft knives give up to work.

For long distance, trekking and camping, you may want tools and equipment that will serve you with many purposes. Therefore, the Gransfors Bruks Forest Axe comes in a compact size to lighten your backpack making it in the elite Best Bushcraft Axe. This is the best way to maximize the utility of the single tool you carry and minimize the load. One good quality about the Forest axe is that this is the handmade manufacturer of Gransfors Bruks. This is the product of one of the best and smartest blacksmiths in the world. This Forest axe can conveniently perform the task of any tools.

Husqvarna Wooden Carpenter's is an excellent production of the most reputable Swedish axe manufacturer. You can use the axe single-handedly. However, to perform the task in a single hand, you need to have a strong and good grip over the handle. The Gransfors best bushcraft hatchet
is an incredible medium weight tool to perform any given task. This forest axe works exceptionally well for rough carving and wood chopping.

This 14inch camping hatchet from Estwing is an excellent and durable axe that is a beloved among many bushcrafters. The materials used in the construction of this hatchet are premium quality steel and is produced in the United States and is easily among the best bushcraft hatchet.
The unique feature about this hatchet is the one-piece forged steel body construction. The stacked leather that covers the handle allows the user to have a strong but comfortable grip on the axe. But despite its all-steel body, it weighs a measly 1.6lbs which is another excellent feature of this hatchet.

best bushcraft hatchet

The head which measures 3.25inches is quite thin and makes it very comfortable to use and lightweight to transport and use. It is easily used for wood splitting and chopping as well as striking. The performance of this axe greatly outweighs its compact size. Its outstanding performance easily makes up for the fact that it is not made of hickory. It is a mighty axe that seamlessly executes even the serious cutting jobs. It is so strong that you sometimes need protective gear for the eyes while performing outdoor cutting jobs.

The leather sheath that comes with it has a slot for the belt making it very convenient for transportation. A ballistic nylon sheath is also provided with the hatchet.


.It is produced with quality materials in the US.
.Lightweight despite its full steel body construction.
.Convenient to carry and transport.
.Extremely durable.


.Additional protective gear for the eyes is required sometimes.